Having a Geekgasm!

Some new items from my recent Geekgasm Hunt adventures.

Oh, to be a geek nowadays. Such fun, especially in Second Life! The latest hunt I’m tackling is the Geekgasm Hunt, which I’m completely new to but was introduced through Lilie Barrs and her lovely set of earrings that she created for the hunt {I’ll be sure to wear them in an upcoming post! <3}. Today I’m sporting some of the first items you find in the hunt: a little jumpsuit outfit, some adorable glasses, and a bowtie necklace {which coordinates perfectly with the outfit, must I add}. All of the hunt items are free, and though not all of them are my cup of tea I often find that with these free item hunts. But, as you can see, there are some very high-quality items to be found as well! Thank you to all of the designers and people who helped to coordinate this hunt, your time and passion are well appreciated! <3

The Geekgasm Hunt goes from June 23rd to July 13th. Click here to TP to the starting point!

xo alina


Hair: [e] Blind [elikatira]

Makeup: Elly Glam Lipstick/Teeth in Cherry Pink Fuel


Outfit: The Sea Hole – DNA Summersuit Geek {Geekgasm Hunt}

Shoes: [Gos] Platform Pumps – Black  [Gos] Custom Footwear


Glasses: ;P&T; Nerdy Chic Glasses {Geekgasm Hunt}

Necklace: ;P&T; Nerdy Bow Tie Necklace {Geekgasm Hunt}


Inert Poses – “Meek” Fatpack


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