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Hey guys!

I know when I last posted I said I was leaving for an indefinite hiatus, but I feel like it’s time to return to my passion, which is blogging and discovering new stores in SL! The time I took off was intended for me to focus on roleplaying at Hogwarts: Your Story and I have truly enjoyed my time roleplaying there, but now I feel as though I can manage both commitments. This time around I intend to treat blogging less like a job and more like a hobby. Another little addition I am happy to share is that I have a new laptop (a Macbook Pro, to be exact) and now I can enable shadows in SL! I can’t wait to begin posting again and contribute more to the blogging community. :)

Alina x


Farewell For Now

As I’ve said countless times, blogging has taught me many valuable lessons. Today I decided that it’s time to bid my blog farewell for now. This is not goodbye, just a see you later. Love you all:)

xo Alina

Hurricane Irene

Hey everyone! Today I’m just posting a quick text post to update you guys on what’s been happening lately. As all of my fellow Americans {I’m pretty sure} know, Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast this past week. Though I live in the Northeast, it still affected us and knocked out power in my area for 5 days – yes, 5 entire days! Hurricanes are basically unheard of in New England, so it was very strange to be part of one! The most frustrating part of the power outages, however, was that the storm was not even very powerful here, yet we lost electricity for nearly a week.

Basically, the point of me telling you guys of this is that there will not be a 52 Weeks of Color Challenge post this upcoming weekend. I’ve been swamped with college work and getting back into the swing of things here, so I’ll just combine this week’s color {Firebrick} with whatever the next color is into one post. Thanks for understanding!

xo Alina

College & The Future

Hello, reader. :) Today I felt as though I needed to clear up the future of my blog and explain my current RL situation. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m enrolled in college {for privacy reasons, I will not release the name of the college I attend!} and blogging becomes extremely difficult during semesters. I’m 20 years old and this year will be my sophomore year of college, and even though I managed to blog fairly frequently during my freshman year, I’m not sure if sophomore year will treat me quite as well. This year I’d like to be more social and make more friends in my RL community, and sometimes that means putting SL on hold. To me, SL is something you can always come back to and restart in, but RL shares certain opportunities only once or twice in a lifetime. So, what does this mean for my blog? Well, as I’m sitting here, surrounded by boxes of unpacked dorm items and the chaos of moving in, I cannot help but feel that I may take this year off when it comes to blogging. College life is something you’ll experience once, for four, short years, and I do not think it selfish to want to indulge in the opportunities available in my RL currently. I may pop in from time to time, especially during breaks during semesters and such, but unfortunately I will not be following a set schedule. I will try my best to finish out the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, as there are only ten weeks left and those posts are once a week. When it comes to blogging other events and creating styles/looks/etc., I will no longer be a go-to source. I suggest you check out my blogroll {they are all amazing blogs} in the meantime.

This is not goodbye, just see you later. I love each and every one of you.

xo Alina

Short Vacation

Hey guys!

Just letting you know that I’m currently on a short vacation and though I do have a laptop with me, SL doesn’t run great on it so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post a 52 Weeks of Color Challenge post, etc. this week. I will also be going on vacation at the end of July and then towards the end of August I go back to college, so that’s when posting becomes more inconsistent for me. Sorry. :-(

Thanks for understanding!

xo alina

EDIT: There will be a 52 Weeks post this weekend! Yay! :-D


The title is self-explanatory. ;-)

So… yeah. I’ve become a huge SL recluse. This is probably due to my recent purchase of my own land/house, but now I don’t even have the excuse of decorating my home because, for the most part, I’ve finished. Wanna tour of my humble little abode?

The outside view of my home. Yeah, I don't have a door LOL {I fly in from some little slats in the front porch}.

My front porch {yup, I REALLY fly into my house from those slats haha}.

A view of the main room of my house.

A peek into my teeny photo room.

Another view of my photo room - yup, this is where the blogging magic happens! ;-)


There you go! My house is actually a skybox from Tokidoki, but it’s really all I need. I don’t have a ton of furniture and decorations because my land can only support so many prims, and I still need extras to unpack items etc. Sorry that the photos aren’t terribly high-quality, I have a craptastic graphics card so I have to keep my settings on low or else SL will crash! Anywho, this is where I’ve been hiding out for the past couple of weeks, come visit me sometime! :-D

Alina’s Home

xo alina


Most of my furniture is from What Next {GORGEOUS furniture, seriously} and from random little hunts and such. <3