Oh lookie, I’m doing another discounted fashion post! I’m not the richest gal around, so I do get the majority of my clothing from events (like 50L Friday) or special collaboration stores (such as The Dressing Room).

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I’m a huge boots with skirts girl. When it’s done right. Like any fashion trend, boots with skirts can go horribly wrong – trust me, I’ve seen it! It takes the right pair of boots and the support of some well-picked-out accessories in order for it to work. Check out my outfit below: do you like it?

I absolutely adore this dress from Tres Blah, it’s so simple yet classy. The boots I’m wearing are one of my favorite pairs, if not my absolute favorite pair of boots in Second Life. I love how you can wear these boots with a casual outfit, yet you can also dress them up with some attire toward the formal end of the spectrum.

Next, we have some of my new favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve never been a huge outerwear-in-SL fan, but this jacket from Tee*fy has definitely changed my mind! I got it during 50L Friday a few weeks back, and boy am I glad I got it. It’s the perfect fall staple for any wardrobe. Next, the skirt. I don’t own any skirt quite like this one; it is very different from the norm, but I really like it!

I think the reason I was drawn to it was because it mixes neutrals but has that pop of yellow for some color, which is another one of my favorite trends – color pops! I’ll definitely be wearing this outfit a lot this fall.

Comment question(s) of the day: What is your favorite trend for fall? Where are your favorite discount places to shop ISL?

xo Alina

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The Platinum Hunt 2 & 1 Year of Blogging!

1 year already.

The other day I logged into SL and realized that Alina has been around for almost 2 years – and today was her 2nd Rez day celebration. Yup, that’s right: August 15th! Now before you get all confused and say “Alina today is August 16th…”  I am purposely posting this a day later in celebration of my first blog post, which was August 16th, 2010! Lots and lots of celebrations going on in Alina’s little SL. :)

Anyway, let’s get into the interesting stuff – the fashion. I went hunting today in The Platinum Hunt, which is always a joy. I only picked up a few things because I am currently experiencing SL poverty {a.k.a. hurry up Tuesday I need my 300L}, but I managed to create three very different looks with only 40L!

The style on the left is my favorite. It’s so glamorous and party-ready, I absolutely adore it! You can’t see it in this picture, but my hair is actually a super cute, punky ponytail from Exile that I surprisingly had yet to blog! This hair has become one of my go-to styles lately in SL. Next, the staple of this look: the dress. I’ve been really into paper.doll and all of their lovely dresses recently, and this one is no exception. It comes with options of a gold or silver top and was only 10L through the Platinum Hunt!

Now for the middle style. Once again, I’ve had this hair for quite a while now {hello Hair Fair days} but it hadn’t made an appearance in a post! I love it inworld, but I found it a tad difficult to photograph… ignore my lack of photoshop skills, haha. Anyway, this is more casual and hang-out friendly, but I love the pop of color that the shoes give and the slightly more put together look that the beautiful necklace from SIGMA gives. And, of course, the cute tank top from Atomic, one of my favorite stores on the grid. Very cute!

Finally, the third style. I’m not quite sure why, but I’m feeling a concert vibe from Alina in this outfit. Once again, the picture doesn’t show it but the hair is actually a sweet little messy bun, thanks Clawtooth! The mini dress is from Grixdale… PLEASE don’t close! I am so so so sad that Tyr has decided to close down shop, but look out for a Grixdale tribute that I’ll put up soon. <3 And last but not least, the pumps – another forgot-to-blog Inventory item! Vive9 created these sassy pumps for The Dressing Room a while back, and they go perfectly with the look!

All right, I’ll say goodbye now. Thank you for all of the support I have received over the last year, it truly means so much to me and I hope I’ll be blogging for many years to come!

xo Alina

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The Dressing Room & My Second Wardrobe

Who doesn’t love some bargain shopping?

The Dressing Room and The Dressing Room Blue have been my main sources of affordable fashion for a long while now, and in my humble opinion many other “bargain shopping” places haven’t quite cut it for me – either that or I just keep forgetting to visit them. Today I was on Kaelyn Alecto‘s site when I saw her post on My Second Wardrobe, of which I had never heard. All I have to say is THANK YOU Kaelyn, I am in love with the dress I found there, pictured in the above left. And, of course, the left is my favorite look; I’m not sure why, but it feels unexpected and a tad edgy to me. It may be the boots, or maybe I’m simply crazy. Which one is your favorite look?

The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room Blue

My Second Wardrobe

xo Alina

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Mauve

Muted tones are perfect for summer!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 34th consecutive week of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge! Mauve is such a gorgeous color, so I couldn’t wait to hunt for it for this week’s post. I found the perfect mauve colored shirt at Maitreya, and though it’s an oldie it’s still amazing quality! This top is also perfect for summer, as I simply adore muted colors during summertime.

Have a fantastic weekend!

xo alina

::Exile:: Esme:Roots-Maple

Maitreya – Bastille Top Mauve

fri. – River.Shorts (Gray)

*VioMagic* Moonlit Night High Heels

~SIGMA~Jewls/ Sani bangles (charcoal)

[Armidi Gisaci] Pearl Egg Necklace – Gunmetal

Style #45

Simplicity at its best.

Remember when I said I had missed many releases in my absence? Well, at least I didn’t miss The Dressing Room‘s latest collection! This dress is simply too fabulous for words, don’t you agree? I’m totally into the pattern trend this summer, so I knew I had to invest in this gorgeous piece from MichaMi!

Another item I’d like to spotlight, again, is this amazing hair from Exile. I just can’t get over my love for it, I’m sure this hair won’t leave my head for quite a while!

Well, I’m off to spend my day organizing my Inventory! Have a fantastic week! <33

xo alina


Hair: ::Exile:: Esme:Roots-Maple Exile


Dress: MichaMi: Print Dress

Leggings: *Fishy Strawberry* Ahoy Sailor Leggings- Black {Part of Ahoy Sailor Outfit}

Boots: [e] Secret Boots – Black [elikatira]


Necklace: [Armidi Gisaci] Pearl Egg Necklace – Gunmetal Armidi

Bangles: [Armidi Gisaci] Towanda Quintet Bangles – Black


All from Glitterati’s Model pack 15  GLITTERATI.


I just can’t even… /drool.

I’ve never been a faithful Exile hair follower – actually, this is my first Exile hair purchase. I’ve tried demos and such before, but I’m more of a sculptie hair lover ([elikatira],, etc.) so stores such as Truth and Exile don’t appeal to me as much.  HOWEVER, today I was scrolling through Juicybomb’s blog and saw this hair… and I knew I had to have it. It’s name is Esme, and I’m wearing the roots version in the shade Maple. It’s a tad more brown than my typical hair color, but I love it just the same! Go pick this hair up now chicas! :-)

xo alina