52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Jazzberry

Feeling summery this week.

I love the color that is titled “Jazzberry” this week. It’s like a magenta/plum/fushia, but in any case it’s beautiful. Surprisingly enough I didn’t have too much trouble finding this color, either: all I had to do was stop by Collabor88, and voila! I love this top from Boom, it feels so bright and summery.

I’m also wearing my newest hair favorite this week; “Breeze” by Elikatira, also for Collabor88. The hair is pure perfection, go pick it up for only 88L per pack while it’s still available!

I hope you have a fun-filled weekend! <3

xo Alina


Hair: [e] Breeze

Lipstick: [PF] Glam Lipstick – Fushia


Shirt: *BOOM* Ice Cream Tank (Rainbow sherbert)

Shorts: Maitreya Jean Shorts – Faded Dark

Shoes: [Gos] Platform Pumps – White


Bangles: ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Sani bangles (colors)


Glitterati – Seasons Hunt Winter Pack


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Apricot

Showing off one of my all-time favorite skirts this week. <3

Lately I’ve really been getting back into simple, crisp outfits. I love to layer and accessorize, but sometimes you only need the simple things in order to make the biggest impact. I adore this skirt from Atomic, it makes me feel like a princess or a ballerina! Sorry Luna Jubilee, I totally copied the skirt from the Melon week; in my defense I almost wore it too which really would have been copying you! Of course, great minds think alike, and this skirt is simply perfect for Apricot. ;-)

Well, I think I’ll leave things at that. Enjoy your weekend folks!

xo Alina


Hair: [e] Just [elikatira]


Top: !Ohmai : Basics Tube Bra BLANK {No longer available}

Skirt: [ATOMIC] Summertime – Blush ATOMIC

Shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode: Fae [B] White Pixel Mode


Necklace: [Armidi Gisaci] Pearl Egg Necklace – Gunmetal Armidi

Bracelet: miel – CHUM bracelet miel


[croire] pretty chilly croire

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Melon

Hello, Melon.

It’s been a busy week – busy in the sense of vacationing. I was away this week {trying to get the most out of my summer before I go back to school}, and it was lovely. I knew beforehand that I most likely wouldn’t be able to get a color challenge post up this weekend, but better late than never! I’m glad I waited – I may have missed out on some of these wonderful items.

First, the hair. Elikatira is, by far, my favorite place to purchase all things hair. What I love best is that the releases are weekly, too; I love logging in to a new hair each week. This hair is absolute perfection, thank you 50L Friday. <3

Next, my shirt {another 50L Friday item!}. I adore Kyoot‘s clothes, and when I saw that this top was tint-able I knew I would wear it for this week’s post. Plus I had no idea what to wear anyway! ;-P  This chilled out look represents how I feel as I return from my relaxing vacation, but now I’m back and ready to blog for the next two weeks as much as possible.

xo Alina


Hair: [e] Charmed [elikatira]


Shirt: Kyoot – Chained Thread Top Kyoot

Leggings: Part of *Fishy Strawberry Ahoy Sailor Outfit – Black*

FlipFlops: Maitreya Gold  * Flip-Flops Lucid Maitreya


Bangles: fri. – Loop.Jewelry – White fri.day


Glitterati Model pack 15 GLITTERATI

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Patriarch


Ah, patriarch – such a rich, royal color, if I do say so myself. I had an urge to wear something modern but classy this week, and this dress is perfect. Also, have you ever noticed how well purple goes with red hair? All those redheads out there are lucky ducks! I’m glad I have SL to express my inner fire. ;-)

I also have been loving this hairstyle this week; if you haven’t already noticed, I wore it in my summer Seasons Hunt post {here}. It’s so carefree and cute, I adore it! Elikapeka Tiramisu always does a wonderful job at creating any hair our SL heads desire.

All right, my weekly ramble is over. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

xo Alina


Hair: [e] Fresh – Red 08 [elikatira]

Lipstick: Pink Fuel Glam Lipstick/Teeth – Smoked Plum Pink Fuel


Dress: (epoque.s) Ruche – Empire Epoque

Jacket: Maitreya Camden Jacket – White Maitreya

Flats: fri. – Basic.Flats – Charcoal fri.day


Earrings: Silver hoops

Bangles: ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Sani bangles (charcoal) SIGMA


Glitterati – Model pack 24 GLITTERATI

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Lemon


Yay for matching the color swatch of Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge! I always get so excited when I get close to the actual color. :-D

Well, here is my outfit for this week’s post. I have always wanted to wear this skirt, but never quite knew what to pair it with: this week I think I finally figured it out. Of course, what would an outfit be without a pair of Paper Couture tights, which happened to perfectly coordinate with my skirt. I’ve had these boots from Reek for a long while now, and always seize the opportunity to wear them. And, finally, my necklaces: League created pure perfection with these brown layered necklaces!

Just a sidenote, this skirt came as part of an outfit from a DU Narcissus item last year. I’m not sure which shop it’s from, so so sorry if you wanted to know!

Have a fabulous weekend!

xo alina


Hair: [e] Early [elikatira]


Tank top: [SC] Surf Couture – Hermana Tank – White Surf Co.

Skirt: BB* DU Narcissus inspired mini skirt

Tights: p.c; Dark Tights – Yellow Dots Paper Couture

Shoes: Reek – Shearling Boots – Brown/White Reek


Necklace: *League* Wanderer Necklace League


Left & Right: Glitterati – Model pack 15 GLITTERATI.

Middle: [croire] make sure you get my good side croire

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Celadon

Blonde today! :-)

Okay folks, bear with me on a few things here. First off, I realize this isn’t quite Celadon, but I tried! Second, yes, I realize this photo is quite… crappy. My excuse? I’m on a laptop that runs SL horribly, I’m so so sorry for the ugly pic! Third… yes, I am wearing blonde hair today. I’ve had recent ideas to change around my hair colors and such, I hope you like the change!

Anyway, back to the important stuff – the color challenge! Goodness, I can’t believe how fast it’s going. I think I probably say that every week, but this challenge is really making me realize how fast time goes by! Pretty soon I’ll be back at college!

Finally, this goes without saying – if you haven’t visited Hair Fair yet this week, you seriously need to get your virtual butt down there. I even got there and I’m on a crappy, super laggy laptop! I’ve grabbed 3 hairs so far: yup, trying to conserve what little L$ I have, hehe. I’ll try to do some Hair Fair posts once I get back home and return to normality. For now, enjoy your weekend!

xo alina


Hair: [e] With {Hair Fair exclusive}

Lipgloss: [PF] Elly <Chai> Sheer Balm/Teeth (Lingerie Pink) Pink Fuel


Tank top: fri. – Romcom.Tank (Mint) fri.day

Skirt: [SC] Surf Couture – Walkabout Denim Skirt – Dark Blue Surf Co.

Socks: p.c; Dark Tights – Red Flowers Paper Couture

Boots: [SC] Surf Couture – Olea Boots – Worn


Earrings: Gold hoops

Necklace: MIEL ECHO NECKLACE  miel

Bracelet: miel – CHUM bracelet


[glow] studio – Sorting pose [ glow ] studio

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Banana Mania

Banana Mania!

Even though this week’s was a slightly rare color that isn’t seen in SL often, I actually didn’t have much trouble finding the perfect piece for it! A quick visit to Grixdale was all that was needed this week, and then my outfit was set!

To be honest, I’ve never been much of a Grixdale fan – every time I had been there, I’d never really found something that suited my taste. The other day, however, I found myself in Grixdale and then I saw this top. It was absolutely perfect for this week’s color and the detailing/sculpting/style is simply adorable!

Have a great weekend!

xo Alina


Hair: [e] Blind – Brown 08 [elikatira]


Top: Grixdale – My Vintage Frock – Daisy Grixdale

Jeans: fri. – Iunno Jeans (Regular Wash) fri.day

Shoes: (TokiD) boho shoes – brown Tokidoki


Glitterati – Model pack 14 GLITTERATI.